Sunday, July 14, 2013

HOPIE launches SUGAR WATER in Manila

Like a sponge that absorbs everything around her - our culture, our scene, the pulse of the people - us heads recognize that and absorb her talent and creativity with open arms too. In spite of very minimal time for prep and just 2 weeks in Manila (partially spent in the province with family), Hopie touched local fans with a really special and intimate launch for her latest album Sugar Water at B-SIDE last month.

Photo c/o Brendan Goco

Photo c/o Music Colony

We had a little down time together prior to her show and once more, I was brought back to a place of inspiration and truth. Perhaps because she exudes so much of what an MC should be in the pride she takes in her craft and especially in her latest works or maybe because she questioned me point blank how it felt to have lost touch with Hip Hop - all the while reconnecting me in ways I cannot even put into words. I'd say both.

An amazing chick, indeed. Snap taken by Chrizo

Whatever pocket of time I had with this extremely prolific writer and performer, I keep so much more with me even now. In fact, we may just have something in store for all of you that you may be able to keep with you, too. Stay tuned and be sure to grab a copy of Sugar Water if you haven't yet.


My current jam off Hopie's Sugar Water. I know this is about a fella, but with the exception of the lust aspect, this is kind of how I feel about my music right now. I am busy as hell, but sometimes I need to sneak off and feel giddy with Hip Hop...but I can't seem to commit just yet.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Disarray - Monique (prod. by Chrizo)

Music was always for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to make music. I suppose that's why I didn't realize how quickly everything happened for me once I was finally able to pursue the same. It was something that I envisioned virtually all my life and I had big, big dreams...but maybe it happened all too fast and all at once.

My latest track titled Disarray produced by Chrizo explains exactly why I went on a 5-year hiatus from what was once a life-long dream. I hope this track can inspire those that have stepped away from music to get back on it and be relevant to anyone that's been through it.

Happy listening.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Loving these final quarter releases.  Perfect gifts for our playlists. Enjoy!

Now available for download on
"Printed in the United States of America, but made in The Philippines"

Available for download on

Available for download on iTunes. Well worth it. You won't hear anything like it.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Battle of The Beats - THANK YOU!

I could cover the whole event or I could just say THANK YOU, which is what I really want to do.

Last night was an amazing experience and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I just want to thank my Hubby ILL-J for being such a strong source of love and support through the whole process, my brother-in-law Chrizo for lending me the use of his studio The Chop Shop and for kicking it with me during my sessions (despite sleeping on each one haha just playin'), all the homies for coming through, NTICE for the 1-of-a-kind hoodie I got to rock (available soon at Carbon, Greenbelt 3), and of course Red Alert Entertainment for the opportunity to partake in such a legit roster. Chill, thank you for choosing me as your opponent. I'm glad we got to depict what we intended from the start - "2 bad ass chicks reppin".  Truly grateful! I have a great feeling that more and more ladies will try their hand at production and it was have been thanks to your brainchild.

I want to congratulate all the other celebrity producers as well as the finalists. I now know that getting up on that stage and bearing your soul ain't easy, but y'all did your thing forreal. It was a cutthroat competition and highly inspiring and entertaining to watch.  Finally, congrats to Thyro, the very first King of Beats winner...a deserving win at that, for a beatmaker that displayed diversity and almost personalized beats suitable for each possible opponent.

It's been an honor to partake in and to witness.  Nothing but props and love for Battle of The Beats!

A couple flicks from last night (in no particular order and wish I had more):

Hubby was feelin' it...

Let's do this...


Ladies, stand up!


Chrizo and Skeematic #MIDASWELL

Love is love

Marcus Davis and Bojam - cutthroat competition

Add caption

ILL-J and Switch of The Mighty Miscellaneous

Thank you Chill!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday ILL-J!

Since I'm back on this blogging steez and it happens to be his birthday for all of 10 more minutes...I figured I'd hook up a birthday shoutout (even though I've been greeting him all day and he's right beside me right now).

What can I say? I love him and I still have the biggest crush on him...especially when he's onstage and rocking the mic like so:

Photo c/o Harry Javier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILL-J! Love & respect all day, everyday!

Back with BOTB

6 months later...I'm a "Celebrity" Producer in the upcoming Battle of The Beats FINALS/Celebrity Showcase.

I had so many valid reasons NOT to join the roster of "celebrity" beat-makers: 1) Celebrity? ME?!, 2) I've been on a musical hiatus for awhile, 3) I've had to camp out in someone else's studio, because all my personal equipment has been long gone since I ended my days as a Music Production Major at DLS-CSB, 4) I've never really been known or promoted as a producer/beat-maker so my stuff could either be really well-received or really NOT...the list goes on.

Nevertheless, if I can inspire 12345...ladies to step up and follow my lead in venturing into beat production hereafter then that idea tramples all my other fears and hesitations.  That being said, I got your back ladies! LET'S DO THIS!

See you all at The Battle of The Beats FINALS/Celebrity Showcase on Dec. 5, 2012 at Palladium, New World Hotel, Makati.

Note: Here are profile pic, timeline, and Instagram size promo photos that you can each opt to share on your media sites (and of course you'll be able to see battle contestants, Celebrity Producers, and other BOTB info):

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hip Hop Prevails...

It's been a minute since I last posted. Partially, because I've been swamped with non-music matters, but for another reason as well. I was observing several happenings in our industry that I felt deserved respectful silence.  I won't go into details and instead I would much rather share updates on good ol' music production and releases.

Firstly, if you haven't downloaded this joint yet, you better get right on it - Aero x Chrizo with Drinking Man's Hip Hop. It's an indirect sequel to Chrizo's Thinking Man's Hip Hop Compilation that is, once more, unadulterated reppin' over boom bap beats.  Kick back with this free downloadable album and enjoy the view of the world through Red Horse-tinted glasses.

Peep the video for single "So Pinoy". I'm sure a lot of us can relate to this song with our own versions of being "so pinoy", but hey, none of us were effortlessly genius enough to do a track about it. Good stuff.

Download link:
On to other release highlights.  RBTO's debut solo album is now available for download! "His album entitled
Inverse comes from the idea that we can transform our thoughts and experiences into verse form, much like how particles can invert into waves (Thomas Young's concept of Wave Theory of Light)."  Well, upon hearing his album, you'll soon learn that not only are his verses formed by his thoughts and experiences, but also that this same energy is naturally transmitted to your core. Illuminate the fate homie.

I believe that while RBTO aims for that deeper, conscious tip; he has the ability to cross over to a wider audience. That's just my opinion, but you have to download and listen for yourself.

Download link:
Finally, on a slightly less significant scale, but still worth mentioning, after a long hiatus (I can't even stress how long) from any sort of music-making, TheHinH's very own got back in the lab with Chrizo. Who else? He was the producer I collaborated with on my very first solo track back in 2006 and shoot, if it ain't broke, don't fix it right? The fact that we've both matured musically and that our studio sesh was pretty much an impromptu one, resulted in a very fluid outcome. No over-thinking, no pressure...this track is very special to me.

You'll hear this real soon.

So there you have it. Amid certain problems in the atmosphere, what has been tried as tested as a solution again and again  For myself and my readers, it is Hip Hop to be exact that keeps us afloat.  I figured an audience is more receptive to a solution rather than a problem so let us focus on that solution.  Let us ensure that Hip Hop prevails...

Enjoy the rest of your week fam!