Sunday, July 14, 2013

HOPIE launches SUGAR WATER in Manila

Like a sponge that absorbs everything around her - our culture, our scene, the pulse of the people - us heads recognize that and absorb her talent and creativity with open arms too. In spite of very minimal time for prep and just 2 weeks in Manila (partially spent in the province with family), Hopie touched local fans with a really special and intimate launch for her latest album Sugar Water at B-SIDE last month.

Photo c/o Brendan Goco

Photo c/o Music Colony

We had a little down time together prior to her show and once more, I was brought back to a place of inspiration and truth. Perhaps because she exudes so much of what an MC should be in the pride she takes in her craft and especially in her latest works or maybe because she questioned me point blank how it felt to have lost touch with Hip Hop - all the while reconnecting me in ways I cannot even put into words. I'd say both.

An amazing chick, indeed. Snap taken by Chrizo

Whatever pocket of time I had with this extremely prolific writer and performer, I keep so much more with me even now. In fact, we may just have something in store for all of you that you may be able to keep with you, too. Stay tuned and be sure to grab a copy of Sugar Water if you haven't yet.


My current jam off Hopie's Sugar Water. I know this is about a fella, but with the exception of the lust aspect, this is kind of how I feel about my music right now. I am busy as hell, but sometimes I need to sneak off and feel giddy with Hip Hop...but I can't seem to commit just yet.

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