Monday, November 19, 2012

Back with BOTB

6 months later...I'm a "Celebrity" Producer in the upcoming Battle of The Beats FINALS/Celebrity Showcase.

I had so many valid reasons NOT to join the roster of "celebrity" beat-makers: 1) Celebrity? ME?!, 2) I've been on a musical hiatus for awhile, 3) I've had to camp out in someone else's studio, because all my personal equipment has been long gone since I ended my days as a Music Production Major at DLS-CSB, 4) I've never really been known or promoted as a producer/beat-maker so my stuff could either be really well-received or really NOT...the list goes on.

Nevertheless, if I can inspire 12345...ladies to step up and follow my lead in venturing into beat production hereafter then that idea tramples all my other fears and hesitations.  That being said, I got your back ladies! LET'S DO THIS!

See you all at The Battle of The Beats FINALS/Celebrity Showcase on Dec. 5, 2012 at Palladium, New World Hotel, Makati.

Note: Here are profile pic, timeline, and Instagram size promo photos that you can each opt to share on your media sites (and of course you'll be able to see battle contestants, Celebrity Producers, and other BOTB info):

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