Thursday, December 6, 2012

Battle of The Beats - THANK YOU!

I could cover the whole event or I could just say THANK YOU, which is what I really want to do.

Last night was an amazing experience and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I just want to thank my Hubby ILL-J for being such a strong source of love and support through the whole process, my brother-in-law Chrizo for lending me the use of his studio The Chop Shop and for kicking it with me during my sessions (despite sleeping on each one haha just playin'), all the homies for coming through, NTICE for the 1-of-a-kind hoodie I got to rock (available soon at Carbon, Greenbelt 3), and of course Red Alert Entertainment for the opportunity to partake in such a legit roster. Chill, thank you for choosing me as your opponent. I'm glad we got to depict what we intended from the start - "2 bad ass chicks reppin".  Truly grateful! I have a great feeling that more and more ladies will try their hand at production and it was have been thanks to your brainchild.

I want to congratulate all the other celebrity producers as well as the finalists. I now know that getting up on that stage and bearing your soul ain't easy, but y'all did your thing forreal. It was a cutthroat competition and highly inspiring and entertaining to watch.  Finally, congrats to Thyro, the very first King of Beats winner...a deserving win at that, for a beatmaker that displayed diversity and almost personalized beats suitable for each possible opponent.

It's been an honor to partake in and to witness.  Nothing but props and love for Battle of The Beats!

A couple flicks from last night (in no particular order and wish I had more):

Hubby was feelin' it...

Let's do this...


Ladies, stand up!


Chrizo and Skeematic #MIDASWELL

Love is love

Marcus Davis and Bojam - cutthroat competition

Add caption

ILL-J and Switch of The Mighty Miscellaneous

Thank you Chill!

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