Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Album News That Will Have You Bloggin' Out!

This much I can tell ya...


The Mighty Miscellaneous

The hip hop supercrew with the only live performance set-up out here (straight out the MPCs and 1s and 2s) just repped for Filipinos hard in Singapore for the Y-Fest earlier this month.  Back to album prep, their highly-anticipated debut full-length is nearly done being mixed, video single "CTL+ALT+DEL" has been shot and tentative release date is end of September. Miscellane-YES!

Photo credit: CJ Jimenez


Ever the multi-tasker, ILL-J of Sun Valley Crew (SVC) is making time from his jampacked life of public service for a 3rd solo album titled Escrow Stock (debut album was The Journey and sophomore was Logic for Reason).  This time around, though, he will be connecting and reconnecting with a lot of different beat makers from Arbie Won to Rye to Lowkey to DJ Umph to Raimund Marasigan to JedLi, etc.  Therefore, you can expect a lot of different sounds and vibes.   Dropping early 2012. I'm sure a lot of you want to invest in stocks like that!

Photo credit: Isi Laureano

Turbulence Crew

After releasing a tumultuous amount of notable mixtapes/albums on solo, duo and sub-crew tips (GRAE, B-Sides, and Quest's Revolution to name a few); these guys are coming together as a whole for their next album. Naturally, this will be produced by B-ROC, Chrizo, Traumatik and CHT. Fasten your seatbelts, we're about to experience some turbulence!

The original crew circa 2005

Duende: GAP (of People's Future) & Nimbus9
"2 different stories, 1 crazy project".  Said to be done within the next month.  With beats by Skarm, JedLi, B-Roc, Med Messiah, JDG, Mic Sanchez, and more; this album is going to be insane on beats alone.  Then of course, both MCs are known for their thought-provoking rhymes...or shall I say, mystic linguistics?

In other People's Future-related news, JedLi recently put out Beats and Broccoli (download link: aka some serious, head-nod goodness and R&R: Verb and RBTO are working on their 2nd EP. No word yet on release date.

D-Coy has been constantly visible on the scene, whether it be as a Madd Poet member, a solo artist, a Beatmathics frontman or a W1KA CEO.  Alas, a decade after the acclaimed solo effort W.A.K.I.N came out, he is nearly ready to put out his sophomore album titled W.I.K.A. (The Black Katipunero Album) predominantly produced by Artstrong and a few from fellow Madd Poet and Beatmathics veteran producer Lowkey The Boy Wonder, MC Dash of Legit Misfitz/Beatmathics, etc. He might go by the name D-Coy, but he'll be delivering something real soon.


This, however, I can't fully tell ya...chant out to the universe for these projects to push through, so that I can completely disclose info and most importantly, because the prospect of each is amazing x infinity.


  • A certain 4-piece crew that was first seen and heard in the 90s is currently "vibing" and "messing around" in the lab, according to 1 member. Known for their high-energy performances, quirky swag, and in-your-face lyrics over heavy boom bap; they remain a staple of Filipino hip hop.  And while they may have put out just 1 full-length album in 1997, they didn't stop at that - they've continued to support each other on major compilations, solo albums/mixtapes/EPs, and the like.  A sophomore album will seriously make my "mundo" go 'round.
  • Another old school group, originally consisting of 4 lyricists (which later became 3 lyricists with a different set-up), plans to work on a 4th album as 4 lyricists once more. Hmm...lots of number talk, when the answer really lies in 3 letters. Really hoping for this to transpire!
  • Finally, the original blueprint of hip hop crews is also putting out a 4th album.  It's actually common knowledge about their album coming out (and it is for sure coming out soon), but what isn't out in the open just yet is their plan to bring home a much-respected Fil-Am MC for his first concert out here. :::
Shoot. Bloggin' out forreal!


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