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3rd Staging of OBRA Inc. Filipina...Bakit Ikaw?

I was recently contacted by Michelle Rio, PR for OBRA Inc. who will be staging the 3rd leg for their production "Filipina...Bakit Ikaw?".  She was asking if The Hip hop in Her covers non-hip hop events and that she felt it would be a good medium to promote the play since she had seen my article about "Women With A Cause".  Without thinking twice, I hopped on-board as a media partner.  Okay, so it's technically not of hip hop nature, but I guess my explanation is that to me, hip hop is a mosaic storyboard of reality.  With it, we are able to take what we know and splice it with so many things that our senses pick up and experience.  So gaining wisdom and inspiration can come from anything, anyone, and anywhere right?  Therefore, it can still be relevant to hip hop.  Then of course, I am all for helping women to have their voices, stories, and causes be heard.  Finally, anytime the moral of the story is about how "love endures all things" (1 Corinthians 13:7) despite the harshest complications, I can't help but relate.

Since I couldn't have said it better, take a look at the article written by Michelle Rio herself:


How Love Changes A Woman: Filipina...Bakit Ikaw?

"Ganyan talaga ang pagibig, binabago ka..."
("That's how love is, it will change you...")
Domestic helper, a prostitute, and a call center agent.
Three characters were interwoven to see the fight of three different individuals.  Three Filipino women who have different lives, but have all experienced the same hardships and struggles in fighting to have equal treatment from their homes and society - as individuals and as women.


Domestic helper Felice withstands all maltreatment from her employers in Saudi Arabia so she may come home and have her child who's suffering from cerebral palsy medicated immediately. Though misfortune befell on Felice as she was imprisoned, her love for her child prevailed. This love strengthened her to carry on and believe that there is still hope in her seemingly impossible situation. 


Prostitute Pia (Pinpin) was forced to separated from her family and drawn from the rural outskirts to work in one of Manila's night clubs. Growing up alone, her innocence fades away as she slowly embraces life at the club thinking that she will get used to it. Though she never does and eventually leaves the club to start anew, she discovers how she has been mortally bound by a sexually-transmitted disease. Still, she manages to stop blaming herself for the past and learns to love and respect herself despite her situation.


Call Center Agent Yna transforms from a fun-loving and carefree girl to a woman with very real life changes.  She marries Hener, whom she is about to have a child with and experiences trials brought on by their families. Yet, she chooses to downplay her pride and stand by her commitment to marriage and the family that she and her husband are about to have.

Modern-day Filipino women play more decisive roles in family and in society. In fact, women often have to juggle multiple roles and huge undertakings when it comes to home and career.  

The intention of the play is for students and young people to realize how important the roles of women are in society. We also aim to have equal social rights for any human being, regardless of sex.


So basically, people may be quick to say that these 3 characters are stereotypical Pinays, but from what I gather, the exact opposite of that is true.  It is about taking these 3 very real types of characters and watching them break free from barriers and having to succumb to a certain place in society. It is about learning to reach higher and achieve more, with the underlying strength of love.

If you'd like to catch the play, here is the poster for more details:

OBRA Inc. Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? on its third staging...

Directed by: Jesie Zabala Barandino

September 10, 2011, 3 pm at CAP Auditorium.

Ticket price is at 150. For more info, contact Mitch at 0918-5123600.

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