Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ruby Red Hot

I'm officially a fanatic of yet another female MC.  She isn't exactly new on the scene and some of you may have already heard of her, but I felt the need to give focus to a Pinay with exceptional English/Tagalog juggling skills over free verse - Ruby Ibarra.

This young lady has a pretty wide array of videos on youtube and through the same, she is now doing her thing with other artists that I highly respect like Rocky Rivera, Bambu, etc.  She has, in my opinion, the perfect blend of: poetry, venom and representation of her culture as a Filipina.  Despite not being homegrown, Ruby has definitely done her part in doing her heritage homework and it is very evident in one of my favorite videos/tracks by her titled "Who I Am".

Over Cormega's "The Saga" instrumental, in this song, Ms. Ibarra gives a detailed account of her acceptance and understanding of who she is and where she came from. The first thing that came to mind when I heard this was: Snap, I wish Kuya Kiko could have heard this.  Not only because "Mga Kababayan" was sampled in the song's intro, but because she seemed to embrace everything that he stood for in her words and in her actions.  Even without an official HD video, as a viewer and listener, I was able to absorb the sincerity and clarity of her message nonetheless.

To learn more about Ruby Ibarra, check her out via these sites/channels:

Don't sleep on Ruby - red hot!


  1. Nice article, Nique! Ruby was actually one of the producers who did early work with us (Butta-Flava). She produced a song of ours called, Forgiveness. Awesome artist, lyricist, musician, & producer! I might mention that she used to be known as, "Fobanese" but no longer goes by that name.:) She's definitely 1 of the artists I'm lookin' to include in our project. Keep 'em comin!

  2. NICE! Learning something everyday. Yeah, I think I recognize that name. Thanks for your input Jug! Means a lot. :)