Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gavlyn, Lyrical Javelin

So given that this blog is literally a day old, I thought it'd be a few days before I could gather my thoughts for a secondary post.  But sometimes hip-hop throws you these delightful surprises that just capture your attention and overwhelm you.  Thanks to my cousin Jason, who's based in LA, I woke up today to the slick sounds of his girlfriend/female MC Gavlyn through teasers for her soon-to-be-released debut album Habit That You Blame.  1 shared bandcamp link and hours later, I'm still glued to my speakers.  Simply put, every single track is on-point.

From content to delivery to production - Gavlyn's tracks are executed well with such fluidity and swag.  So much so that picking a personal fave has proven difficult.  However, if I'd have to choose, I definitely can't go with just 1 so I'll point out 5: 1) She really repped her stuff hard in #1 What I Do, 2) The title track #3 Habit to Blame is a heavy depiction of how she's been making her mark, 3) #5 Walkin' Down The Street is a smart take on a Dionne Warwick classic, 4) #6 Relentless, the title says it all, and 5) #10 is fresh from all angles, because even the featured artists are positive news to me and the beat is smooth as a baby's booty.

I highly recommend that you all check out Gavlyn Habit That You Blame so give that link a click and you'll have access to her complete track listing/promo length songs and other info on how to stay tuned to her movements, most especially the release of her full-length album.  This lady is an exceptional artist that I became an immediate fan of and I'm sure all of you will be too.

Gavlyn, like the light spear cast as a ranged weapon, is a lyrical javelin.

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