Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Switch presents...Cafe808 - Soothing Cup of Flow

Not your usual playlist. Unfiltered, in-depth features and interviews.  That's the kind of hip-hop you can expect to hear on Switch's online radio show Cafe808 under Sari-Sari Sounds.

Straight out The Mighty Miscellaneous crew, you know you'll be in good hands with the program's DJ/host.  He's a gifted MC, open-minded (free from hip-hop politics), eclectic, and most importantly, he knows his shit.

The program airs every Wednesday at 1pm (with reruns at 5pm, 11pm, and 5am) and Friday also at 1pm (with reruns at 6pm and 12mn).  So there is no reason to miss out, because homeboy brings it to your speakers all day long on said dates.

This week, hubby ILL-J and I are fortunate enough to be featured on both tomorrow's and Friday's episodes.  You can expect some easy chit chat about music, life and culture over some good ol' Tanduay and Coke (thank you Tanduay! How's about that sponsorship?) as well as the airing of our new and exclusive back-to-back tracks.  That's right, Cafe808 has gotten us out of hiding. We're baaaaack.

Tune in at any of the given times or perhaps at all airing times if you're really down for your bi-weekly, soothing cup of flow! Props and love to Switch and everyone at Sari-Sari Sounds!

For inquiries, feedback, or simply knowing more about Cafe808 or other Sari-Sari shows, then log on to the following websites:


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