Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scene & Heard Part 1

I've been gone a minute, but I told you I'd be back! To make up for loss of time, I'm bringing you a partial compilation of the news on music releases and events that I've been receiving*. Ready?

  • J-Hoon drops a final online single before releasing the much-awaited Noodles LP - another lovely chill track. Bet you didn't know this mellow fellow could sang.

Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/j-hoon/go-home-noodles-lp#

  • BFe's good will continues.  This November 27th, they will hold the "Hustle for Hannah", another little girl in need of financial aid for a liver transplant. Venue and more details soon.

  • Locked Down Entertainment in cooperation with Nike, Daily Grind, Jam88.3 and Channel V presents...Basketball, Arts & Music or BAM. This event will feature an art exhibit by Team Manila, performances by ILL-J x Miscellaneous x Cambio x Dash, and an ongoing basketball competition with Locked Down vs. Brgy. Tibay vs. Team Sunday vs. Phunky Juan. This event will take place on Dec. 11, 2011 at the Ronac Art Center, Greenhills. Don't miss it!

  • Further details are yet to be announced, but this is some crazy news right here. One of my all-time favorite hip hop producers, Jazzy Jeff, will be coming to Manila for the first time!  Happening on Dec. 7, 2011 at 7th High. Can't wait!

So there you have it for now.  Believe it or not, I still have tons of messages to sort through (thanks to Facebook and the irritatingly scattered inbox) so I'll be back within the week for more "Scene & Heard".  Enjoy the holidays everyone!

*A thousand apologies to news of releases and events that were sent to me during my hiatus that I was no longer able to include due to dates passing. May I just request that your news be sent via email at thehiphopinher@gmail.com instead of Facebook so that organizing will be easier on my part. Thanks!

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