Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Black Katipunero Album: 4 Years in The Making...

It's undeniable.  A lot of heads have been waiting for this album. Amidst the seemingly unavoidable hip hop controversies - D-Coy antagonists either thinking the album would never drop or perhaps that it wouldn't matter if it did or maybe even hoping that it never would - this video presentation (done in 3D and directed by Artstrong) just proves the persistence and intent that he has had for the past 4 years to not just put out an album, but as Lowkey states, to "redefine how Tagalog Rap music should be done".

I won't delve further into talk of all the drama and in-betweens, but instead just say that the Black Katipunero album will most likely serve as the start of a Renaissance period for Tagalog Rap.  I think that it will re-teach listeners to truly listen and understand. Even someone like myself, who is not too well-versed in Tagalog beyond the conversational kind, will be intrigued to really absorb D-Coy's take on "wika" with his collaborative efforts with living legends to the essence of beats and rhymes to his use of the written word.  Let's just say that like an early favorite of mine, it is "tadhana" (fate).

Now I will let Part 1 of the documentary speak for itself...

It finally all comes together on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 7th High.  In a back-to-back performance with The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff + Mad Skillz and a line-up of class acts, D-Coy will launch the Black Katipunero Album. W's up!

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