Monday, September 26, 2011

"Speak Up" Bloggers!

You may not have known, but aside from getting re-posted in the Sari-Sari Sounds website, TheHinH also gets love from  The day that I dropped my first post on this blog, brainchild behind P-3, Mark Bantigue, was actually in talks with me about my writing works (having seen my beauty blog and asked if I'd be interested in providing pieces geared towards music.  That was pretty much when I said "hey, why not start a music blog once and for all?"  It was long overdue anyway and I was happy to lend a hand to this informative site that had a lot of potential to reach its goal in becoming "a younger, hipper ANC".

Approximately 3 months later (and in this time which has been purely trials and testing), "P-3 is ready to graduate from BETA", having worked out kinks and garnered nearly 60,000 hits per month.  Today, the site has officially launched and has announced its presence in the 2011 DIGITAL SHOWCASE of Adobo Magazine as well as various online and offline publications.

Now, team P-3 would like to invite anyone that has anything to say (anything significant, that is) to blog/write/contribute via  From business to politics to technology to music and the like, there is a place for your words and works on P-3.  So if you've got something to say, then "speak up"! 

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