Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brandon's Birthday! 9 Years of Laughter, Love, Light & Hip hop

Today, I give thanks and celebrate my [not so] little man Brandon's 9th Birthday - 9 years of laughter, love, light & hip hop.

It seems like just yesterday, I received this blessing that completely changed my world for the better.  And yet, before my eyes, he has grown so quickly into the most amazing person.  He is insanely smart and wise beyond his years, sweeter than any parent could ask for, and obedient to God and to his folks.  I could not be more proud.

So I'd like to share a little trivia about my son: 1) He was named after the late, great Brandon Lee (what can I say, I've always been a martial arts fanatic), 2) He's been alive for as many years as I've been visible in the industry, and 3) Perhaps having a lot to do with growing up in a very hip hop-oriented background, he has a lot of musical achievements under his belt despite his young age.

Giving focus to the 3rd trivia point, let me break down just how much my baby has been exposed to the culture.  He attended his first gig at the age of 3 (Pikaso's Portrait of A Masterpiece album launch) where he was filmed breakdancing by the Master Rapper himself, Francis M.  Second, he assisted Daddy ILL-J in recording the introduction for his JedLi produced track titled "Same Topic," and later did a cameo in his video for "Feel Good".  Third, Brandon also played a significant and dominant role in People's Future's debut video for "On The Grind".  Finally, he put out a fun track and video of his own titled "SFK (Spoons, Knives and Forks)" for his birthday last year.

Obviously, school comes first and hubby and I are definitely not stage parents, so B receives just little pockets of music experiences, but we are after all, his first teachers in life.  Hence, the open exposure to our unending passion for hip hop and teachings of the importance of music apart from values, tradition and other life lessons.

Today, I give thanks and celebrate my [not so] little man Brandon's 9th Birthday - 9 years of laughter, love, light & hip hop. Happy, happy Birthday baby!

Check out my hip hop head in actions over the years:

My seed at 1 year

3 years old and stealing the spotlight at an OFC get-together

Backing up Daddy in "Same Topic" off People's Future's Headlines Issue#1

Getting down with some 'krump' moves at a dance workshop
                                                     His cameo in "Feel Good"

                            Playing a main character in People's Futures "On the Grind"

                                                       His very first "solo effort"
The Bung Gang! B and his cousin/partner-in-rhyme Kelsey. Taken during the filming of the "SFK" video last year.
Photo by Hannah Señeres-Francisco

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