Saturday, August 20, 2011

Women With A Cause

It's been ages since I've performed any of my solo works.  In fact, so far this year, I have only recorded 1 solo track.  I guess I finally learned to put everything in life in a priority list with, sadly, my own music dropping to the bottom of that list.  See when I was younger, I felt like I was the jack (or perhaps queen?) of all trades.  I believed I could do so many things and did indeed do so, all at once.  Being here, there, everywhere and getting no sleep was second nature to me.  Was the outcome always the best?  Probably not.  Did everything get done accordingly? I'd be lying if I told you it did.  Anyway, I still tend to multi-task today, but it's just at a different pace and my perspective has changed a lot.  I'm no longer this control freak that feels the need to do everything herself - I can do my main thing, sit back and support, and stand up to lend a hand as needed.

This month, when I was asked by W1ka's First Lady Mizz Snapper to stand up and lend a hand for her special birthday event, I agreed without hesitation.  Not only would I get to perform alongside an all-female line-up (anything for the ladies right?), but I'd also get to speak and rally people to support a very important cause. On Friday, August 26, 2011, 7pm onward at FEVER Luxe Lounge, Sofitel, it will be an evening when "Women Stand Against HIV".

See poster for more details:

For years, we in society, have acted like we know all about this disease.  While it may be true that we know about it, it doesn't mean that we aren't still ignorant about it.  Yes, there is a difference.  No one ever thinks that it will happen to them, but the fact of the matter is, there are still growing numbers for HIV.  In whatever way possible, we must keep the facts embedded in our heads and do our part in making others listen too. While I barely even consider myself a quasi-celebrity, I am proud to be able to stand with established women in our industry to raise awareness for this still very real and deadly disease.


Special guest speaker for the event Jug of B.F.E./The Pinoy Hiphoppaz Org, has always done her part in using her position towards causes like last year's "Hustle for Inigo" (baby boy Inigo was in need of financial support for his Biliary Atresia condition), amongst others.  That being said, aside from doing her thing for Mizz Snapper's event, the following day, Saturday, August 27, 2011, she will be holding the "Hustle for Jazlyn" in order to raise funds for a baby girl's urgent need for a liver transplant.

Find out how you can help on this poster:

It really feeds my inspiration to write and bring attention to movements in hip hop with this much heart and care involved.  I hope that after reading this, you too, can be inspired and partake in these movements.  And remember, even if your schedules do not permit, merely spreading the word (or perhaps donating to the "hustle" on your own time) can make all the difference.

Props to Snap, Jug and to all the women with a cause!


  1. Wonderfully written! Special thanks and props back to you, Nique, for taking time and GIVING back to our community through this blog. I'll always be a fan and keep on being one! - Jug

  2. Thanks so much Jug! A lot of this wouldn't be possible without you. I'm proud to be a part of the BFE/Pinoy Hiphoppaz movement. :)

  3. nice articles! good job! :))