Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Capital G, Capital Q: Delivering A Message From Knowa Lazarus on Launch, Album, & More...

One of the first people that offered feedback on this site when I started it last month, was Q-York member and Capital G Shop partner, Knowa Lazarus.  He had a lot of great ideas for articles I could come up with and how I could build this venture.  While I was half-hearted about taking this site seriously at first, he was one of the first people that made me feel as though there was concrete purpose here after all.

So the other day, I had a little chit chat with Knowa to expand ideas and to discuss unity through hip hop, mediums in hip hop to do the same, and several things that his crew is up to. All I know is, this crew is making moves.

First things first, Q-York, known for coining a number of terms in filipino hip hop such as "edutainment" and "mahalla", are at it again with their current single "Yuoy" (a combo of "yo" and "hoy"). It's great to see more and more hip hop heads on the airwaves so lets keep it there and do our thing in voting and promoting.

Secondly, Knowa hooked me up with a "secret link" with access to their whole "Q-York City" album, under Homeworkz, distributed by Universal Records, and available in all records bars (of course, at Capital G Shop).  Real talk, it might be easy for heads to stereotype "Fil-Am" music, but Q-York provides a multi-dimensional tracklist that has a little something for everyone. You have the club banger debut single, the song for the ladies "Could It Be You", the patriotic anthem feat. Jazze Manuel "Balikbayani" (more original terminology!) and the straight reppin' "Champion" (Remix) feat. Gloc9 and Chelo A. to name a few. As a duo, Knowa Lazarus and Flavamatikz are dynamic in their mission to "edutain" and with the All-Stars and other featured artists on their album, they make a solid stand.

Lastly, one of the aforementioned mediums to unify through hip hop has been Capital G Shop. The first branch in Greenhills, has been actively hosting CDs, merchandise, and a range of workshops (connected with the All-Stars dance studio) for a couple of years now. On Friday, August 12, they'll be launching their Robinson's Galleria branch in what is said to not be an event, but "an experience".  Indeed, what you can experience is a day filled with live performances, workshops for MCs/DJs/dancers, and a party for all.

Peep this poster and video for more details:

Given that the whole idea of "unity" should stem not only from a conversation between 2, but between many; I believe that the Capital G launch would be a suitable place for the idea to grow.  These "balikbayanis" are working hard so lets give them a hand and show our support.

See you all there!

For more info on Q-York or Capital G, you can find them on Facebook:

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