Monday, March 5, 2012

DJ Teaze

My girl Thea Arvisu aka DJ Teaze was the Philippines' first lady Hiphop DJ, has opened for popular artists like Bruno Mars and has taken her craft to international waters.  Add that to the fact that she is strikingly beautiful inside and out; then I'm sure that I've convinced you that working with her was definitely an honor.

Shot by Harry Javier at Illustrious Labs (ILL-LABS), Teaze's natural swagger and charm shone through in her 2012 press photo shoot. See, not many ladies can pull off being the bombshell, the girl next door, and the interesting androgynous subject all-in-one.  Yet, she sure does.

So, we didn't do a sit-down interview and this content may be more geared towards my sister makeup blog, but I figured I'd share these photos with you, because it is undeniable that this talented woman is Hiphop inside-and-out.  How do I know this? She's been reppin' the game hard over a decade now.

Take a look at our recent work to see how this talented woman is far from one-sided:

Photography: Harry Javier
Airbrush Makeup: Monique Jaramillo-Seneres
Shot on location at ILL-LABS

DJ Teaze - |
Harry Javier Photography: |
Makeup by Monique Jaramillo-Seneres on FB | |
Illustrious Labs:

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