Monday, October 3, 2011

His Spirit Lives on...Happy Birthday to The King!

"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey." 
-Stephen R. Covey

Artwork by DJ Rebel
It still seems a little surreal trying to absorb the fact that he's no longer with us.  Well, physically anyway. He graced our lives and our community with so much influence that so much of what he stood for lives on within each of us. And I say this regardless of heads having known him up close as a friend or from afar as a genuine fan.

Monique, ILL-J & Francis M.
At Zirkoh for the Francis M./Mastaplann Reunion (2007)

Personally, I wouldn't necessarily say that I knew him up close nor from afar either.  I was blessed with amazing opportunities to work with him, perform at a couple of his shows and to simply exchange niceties with him when catching him at different events and gatherings. However, I would say that I spent most of those instances as an observer (probably because I never got over that starstruck feeling).  That being said, what I did observe was that he was always pleasant to be around and always made it a point to spend time with people, whether it be our group [7 Shots] or part by part of huge crowds. It was evident, to me, that he intended to demonstrate his care and concern for everyone and that, my friends, is a true leader.

The first music video he ever directed - 7 Shots "All I Want" feat. Pikaso (2003)
I remember when it was publicly announced that Francis M. was sick and different fundraising events and blood drives went on.  There had been such an immense out-pour of support that it was later announced that the blood drive had been put to a stop due to the fact that there was too much blood that had been collected.  That situation really spoke to me, because it told me that all the good will that he had shown in his career was to be doubly returned to him.

On March 6, 2009, the earth stood still for many of us. In the words of Joey de Leon: "The Master Rapper has wrapped up his life to meet The Master".  Celebrities (his colleagues), the hip hop community (our family included), and the masses attended his wake and paid respects to The King of Philippine Rap.

I recall a lot of controversial videos and images taken of Kuya Kiko in his slumber, and though it was done in terrible taste and angered many, I believe the dust settled quickly too.  Instead of being hellbent on disrespectful acts, everyone made the conscious decision to remember Francis M.'s life and the solid foundation that he had built.

It is especially today, on his birthday, that we rep him the hardest.  Though everyday and in everything we do for hip hop, whether it be making music, maintaining camaraderie and growth for the culture; we are actually repping him and his beliefs through and through.  His spirit continues to live on in our works and in our passion.  Happy Birthday to The Mouth, The Master Rapper, The King!

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